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Essential Information
Essential Information - Did YOU KNOW?

There are a few critical things that ALL residents, visitors and vendors need to know while on campus. 
  • On December 15, 2015, The Magnolias Manager provided a letter to all residents, providing a quick reference to essential information items in case you are not yet aware of them.
    • We recommended that you keep the letter and reference handy and SHARE with your visitors or service providers.
  • If you misplaced your printed copy, you may find the information on our website in two ways:
    1. View or print information from the menus above (hover over the menu item and see the information by category on its own page); you may also print as needed.
    2. OR, click these two links to view, PRINT, or download as needed. 
      1. the December 15, 2016, letter and
      2. its reverse page (the quick reference )  

Quick Summary (see more in letter or through menu options: 
  • Driving at The Magnolias
    • Speed limit is 15 MPH on campus
    • Please pay attention to ONE WAY lane markings, including while you are backing out of parking spaces. 
    • Don't forget to STOP at stop signs.  
    • Watch for pedestrians and riders of mobility scooters. 
  • Parking in front of The Magnolias
    • Visitors (including family and vendors) should park outside of the islands, in spots facing the clubhouse.
    • Residents may park in handicapped spaces IF properly licensed or tagged, AND must NOT leave a vehicle parked in those spaces for more than three (3) daysIf you will be away please do NOT leave your car in a handicapped space intended for daily coming and going.

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Page Updated: May 31, 2018