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Cable Channel Lineup
 Comcast Cable Channels
  Call Bulk Services if you need to contact Comcast at 855-638-2855.
BULK Contract Summary:
Your bulk service is included in your monthly condo fee.  It includes X1 service on one TV, up to two DTA's, basic channels, and a high-speed internet gateway (modem & router).
  • You may opt (at your own additional cost) for phone service, more TV channels and packages, higher internet speeds, and additional equipment beyond our basic service.
  • You pay Comcast directly only for additional services or upgrades that you order.
Tune to Channel 978 to see the
Front Lobby when visitors call for entry.
View your Front Lobby on Comcast Channel 978
before pressing '9' on your phone for visitor entry.
COMCAST CHANNELS in Loudoun County
  • Occasionally Comcast changes its Channel lineup but does not always mail a new lineup to bulk customers.
  • Click here for the lineup dated January 1, 2017.
    • Please note that this is a complete lineup (beyond our basic bulk channels).
    • If you wish to purchase additional channels you must contact Comcast Bulk Services for costs and availability. 
  • Use your onscreen guide to see programming at anytime for for the next two weeks .

  • You may familiarize yourself with Comcast's services at their  XFINITY/X1  and General Help online pages. 
  • The X1 platform also includes onscreen help videos through your TV menus.

 Comcast Bulk Services:  855-638-2855  (Your phone number identifies you as a bulk customer.)

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Page Updated: January 11, 2017