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Cable & Internet
Cable and Internet in The Magnolias  (Related: Channel Lineup Info)
The Magnolias Condominium includes High-Definition Digital BASIC Cable TV AND High Speed Internet as an AMENITY to all Magnolia condominium units, included in your condo fee under our BULK cable contract.
  • Bulk installation by Comcast occurred in mid-December, 2014, replacing our expired OpenBand contract.
Call Comcast Bulk Services at
855-638-2855 if you need service.
Tune to Channel 978 to see the
Front Lobby when visitors call for entry.
Summary of our BULK Contract:
The Magnolias is one of the first bulk contracts in the country to receive Comcast's Xfinity / X1 platform!
All units receive XFINITY/X1 service with a digital basic channel lineup including High Definition (HD) for your HD televisions, and are entitled to three TV connections (and internet) at no additional cost:
  • one X1 cable TV set top box,
  • two DTA's for other TV's, PLUS
  • an Internet gateway (modem & router), with 25/5 internet speeds and WiFi access.
  • An online account and email address(es)
The X1 TV equipment will detect and automatically tune your television to HD or standard definition (SD) depending on your own equipment.
  • You may opt (at your own additional cost) for phone service, more TV channels and packages, higher internet speeds, and additional equipment (DVR or additional X1 boxes, for example) beyond our basic service.
View your Front Lobby Vestibule
on Comcast Channel 978.
When visitors call your unit using the call panel,
you can see them and confirm, if needed,
before buzzing them into the building.
New residents, please contact
The Magnolias Management Office for details
before calling Comcast.
  1. To order your included equipment and any additional services, equipment, or expanded programming (extra channels). please contact Comcast's BULK call center at 855-638-2855.
    1. Your phone number will identify you as a bulk customer.
    2. Your bulk service, described in the summary on this page, is included in your monthly condo fee.
    3. You will pay Comcast directly only for additional services or upgrades that you order.
  2. Equipment pickup, exchange or turn-in, and new account setup can also be handled in person by visiting Comcast's service center at:
21730 Red Rum Dr,  Ste 192,
Ashburn, VA 20147
  • You may familiarize yourself with Comcast's services at their  XFINITY/X1  and General Help online pages. 
  • The X1 platform also includes onscreen help videos through your TV menus.
  • Your WiFi network ID is listed on the back of your internet Gateway Router.  Please keep your password in a safe place.
  • Login to your account at www.comcast.net to and explore - you can even watch TV online! 

If you need additional services or assistance from Comcast please call their 
Bulk Services Call Center at  855-638-2855

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Page Updated: Jan 11, 2017