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Cleaning Notices
Special Cleaning Notices
  • Common areas in each building are cleaned daily. 
  • Lobbies and mail rooms also receive special spring cleaning services; watch for notices and wet floors during these annual cleanings.
  • Garage power-washing is performed annually; notices will advise you of dates when your cars must be moved outside and when they may return to each garage.

  • As an Amenity to our homeowners, The Magnolias previously provided a semi-annual exterior window washing on all three buildings. 
  • This service has been suspended beginning Fall, 2017, due to new OSHA-mandated safety regulations, and removed from The Magnolias Budget, pending regulatory changes and improved technologies. 
  • An interim program, effective September, 2018, allows residents to self-pay for an interior and exterior window washing, with advance registration through our management office.  
    •  Watch for announcements each spring and fall for the dates for your building, including screen removal dates.
      • If you do not remove your screens, your windows will not be washed.
      • If you don't want to remove them yourself, you may contact the Management Office to schedule screen removal for a nominal fee if you participate in the In Unit Service Program.

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Page Updated: Sep 16, 2018