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News Overview

  • When you HOVER over the NEWS menu item above you will see a menu drop down with sub-topics about information within The Magnolias, our newsletter, announcements, and more.  Links internal to The Magnolias may be on restricted pages only available to our residents after login.
  • The new online calendar may not yet be fully populated with Magnolias events; until then please find our monthly calendar of meetings and events through our newsletter annual pages.
    • You may print the online calendar (monthly, weekly, daily, or individual events)  for your personal use.  You may also view by categories to refine your search.
    • Regular recurring meetings and events are posted at their regular frequencies, subject to change if rescheduling is needed.
    • Unless specified otherwise all Magnolias meetings and events are in the Magnolia Room in Magnolia East.
  • For your convenience we've also added links to news you can use, such as how to prevent ID theft.  This area of our site will continue to grow as we find useful information to make available without requiring you to login.
    • If you have suggestions for our site please use the CONTACT US link under HELP on the main menu.
With our website upgrade on September 10, 2014, we began reorganizing our old webpages and are still evolving them to improve your viewing experience and access to our site.  Please let us know if you have suggestions to add to our useful links.

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Page Updated: Mar 31, 2015