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The Magnolias Association's standing committees provide advisory support to the Board of Directors, and establish subcommittees as needed for special actions.
The Magnolias Standing Committees collaborate with one another as necessary to effectively manage their respective primary responsibilities and budgets.  They each also interface with their counterpart committees at the Leisure World of Virginia, in an effective partnership and in support of the Board.
 Committee Overview:
  • Develops social programs responsive to the needs of the community and sets up recreation programs for all interests; maintains oversight of the Party/Meeting Room (The Magnolia Room) to ensure appropriate uses of the common area facility.
Budget and Finance
  • Advises the Board respecting the Association's finances and annual budget, reviews and monitors monthly financial reports and statements; analyzes and recommends additions/changes to the budget; works with management to evaluate budgetary requests, develop annual budget and conduct public hearings on proposed budget.
Building Facilities
  • Works to preserve and enhance the physical environment of all common areas; identifies safety hazards and develops programs to promote safety and security of the community; reviews contract specifications; and recommends improvements to the common areas, planning for maintenance, additions, and long term improvements and replacements to our buildings.
      & Web Team 
  • Keeps the community informed of all activities and functions of the association by designing and preparing monthly newsletters, assisting with publicity for association events, informing new residents about the association, publishing a community directory, lobby and elevator flyers with news and current events, and finally, designing and maintaining the community website, with both public and password-protected residents-only pages.
  • Regulates the external design, appearance, use and maintenance of the common elements; reviews and acts upon all requests by owners for structural changes in individual units or alterations in the electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems; interprets governance documents; and plays an important role when rules violations require application of the due process procedures.  (Meets only as needed).
  • Reviews existing policies and proposes appropriate modifications; proposes policy on design, property use restrictions and methods for handling complaints and violations of the rules.  ( Combined with Covenants )
  • Develops and administers election procedures,  as approved by the Board, providing for the election of directors by ballot of the unit owners at annual  meetings and, where appropriate, special meetings. 
        (Meets as needed during the annual election season).  
  • Recommends improvements to all interior common areas.
In addition to the Standing Commitees:
Ad Hoc Committees
(dissolved after work is completed)
  • Seasonal or as needed Committees which convene for specific recommendations and actions, usually short-term tasks, i.e., the ad hoc Snow Removal Committee, the ad hoc Physical Plant Survey Committee and the ad hoc Legal Counsel Search Committee.

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Page Updated: Oct 9, 2017