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Emergency Phone Numbers and Non-Emergency Information:    
In an emergency ALWAYS call 911 FIRST, then notify LWVA Security with your name, building, and unit number to facilitate emergency entry to your building.  Unlock the door and wait for help to arrive.
 Additional Phone Numbers 
If you use a cellphone to call 911:
Be sure to tell the dispatcher
you are calling from LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA!
   Emergency (Ambulance, Police or Fire):  911

   LWVA Security
Gate House: 703-724-0900
     Ashburn Vol Fire & Rescue
Non-Emergency: 703-729-0006
     Loudoun County Sheriff's Office
Non-Emergency: 703-777-1021
     National Poison Control Center:
RESIDENTS:  Please read and be familiar with our Emergency Procedures:
  • All residents were given a copy of The Magnolias Emergency Action Plan (EAP), (Administrative Resoution No. 9).  If you do not have one, or you are not sure if yours is current, please contact the Management Office at 703-858-3444.

Maintenance Emergencies
  • Magnolias Building Engineer:
    • After Hours:  Call the LWVA Security Front Gate: 703-724-0900
    • Mon-Fri (9-5):  Call The Magnolias Management Office: 703-858-3444 (closed for lunch 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.)
  • M.E. FLOW (HVAC Service):  703-777-2311 (Leesburg Office)
    • Please note that calls after business hours will incur a fee.  Residents may view or print the M.E. Flow maintenance agreement and fee schedule on our Frequently Used Services page.

NON-Emergency Information and Contacts:   
  • In Unit Services (Contact  Management Office).  
    • ALL In Unit Service requests are scheduled through the Management Office during regular hours (see above).  Residents may view or print the In Unit Service Procedures, Fee Schedule, and Participation Form on our Frequently Used Services page.

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Page Updated:  Mar 3, 2015