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About Us (Buildings)
Building Footprints:
Click on the three building names at the right
to see the entire footprint for a typical floor
for each building in The Magnolias.
Each TIER shown on the building footprints
will contain the model name
 for units on each floor in a given numbered tier.
  • The 3 digit unit numbers show the floor number and the tier
    • for example, unit 207 would be on floor 2,  tier 07
This right-side PHOTO   > 
is a bird's eye view, from the outside back,
of our three Magnolias buildings,
facing the Lansdowne Resort golf course
(and the Potomac River beyond)
and facing the central
LWVA Clubhouse West in the front.
Around the clubhouse and
in front of each residential building, you can see professionally landscaped grounds and walking paths.  The community entrance is gated, with a security staff on duty 24 hours a day year-round.
  • The Magnolias (three buildings) are the only low-rise condos (with four residential floors) and the largest floorplans in Lansdowne Woods of Virginia.
  • The four high-rise buildings are separate associations within LWVA.  While the condo units in each high-rise building are similar, they are several hundred square feet smaller than the comparable Magnolias model.
  • In 2017 our sales center was converted to "The Overlook" association, with seven individual condos.



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Page Updated:  June 5, 2018