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The Magnolias' Relationship to Lansdowne Woods of Virginia (LWVA):

  • The Magnolias Condominium is a member of the LWVA Community Association, along with several high-rise condominiums at LWVA.  The three Magnolias buildings, along with the high-rises, are all ACTIVE-ADULT associations, encircling a central LWVA Clubhouse with its many amenities and activities complementing our own Magnolias activities.
  • The Magnolias is fortunate to be situated just steps away from the clubhouse, with entrances on two levels, closer than any of  the high-rises.  We also back to a lovely golf course that is part of the Lansdowne Resort, and our balcony views across the golf course and the Potomac River yield spectacular sunrises, frequent wildlife sightings, and seasonal beauty.
  • The many amenities within our LWVA community can be further explored by viewing the public pages of the LWVA website.  It also provides many links of local community interest; including links to the Lansdowne Conservancy, Loudoun County, Leesburg, various local services, shopping discounts, and more.
    • Remember that some areas of the LWVA site, like ours, are restricted to residents, but you will still find a wealth of information about our parent community and beyond.
    • The LWVA main menu also uses drop down menus for detailed topics.  Check out the many LWVA amenities including Crossroads, our clubhouse restaurant.
    • LWVA also now offers a facebook page with no login required.
One more thing; when you link to LWVA's site you are leaving The Magnolias site, and we do not control content beyond our own Magnolias site.  While you are browsing the LWVA website or any other external links, if the other site does not open in a separate browser window, just use the BACK button to trace your steps back to us.
If you like the many amenities of the overall community, you will love the large floorplans that Magnolias residents enjoy, so be sure to return and explore The Magnolias further, or ask your real estate agent to help you explore The Magnolias in person.

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Page Updated:  Jan 2, 2016