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Overview of The Magnolias Website

  • Our website was updated on September 10, 2014, to a new design, with new navigation menus across the top of the pages for easier viewing and navigation.
  • Clicking on any of the main menu topics will lead you to an overview page such as this one.
    • Please HOVER over any menu bar topic and you will see sub-menus drop down for selection.
    • Hover over the sub-menus to select one.  If you see a right arrow on a sub-menu, hover over the arrow to see a second level of topics.  These second level menus will fly out to the right for selection.
  • Some of the menu items will not be visible unless you are logged in; these topics are for residents only and require a user name and password.
    • Once logged in residents will see additional menus which link to information restricted from the public.
  • Our new site is still in transition, and we are reorganizing and building new menu items for your convenience.  Please pardon our dust and visit again soon.  There's more to come!

RESIDENTS: Please REGISTER to enable Login for Residents-Only Pages.
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Page Updated:  Mar 3, 2015